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This is a personal/fandom blog - and you may have guessed, but my current obsession is Dragon Age.
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It's a thing I do.

Blog aesthetic by zodiac sign


Aries: Tums

Taurus: Pillow Fort

Gemini: Kitty Litter

Cancer: A Pair of Broken Headphones

Leo: Hat

Virgo: Dried-Up Glue

Libra: Fabric Softener

Scorpio: Empty Trash Can

Sagittarius: Jellyfish

Capricorn: Drawings from 5th Grade

Aquarius: the ball-pit

Pisces: spare change found in your couch

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I’m from Middle Earth. Apparently.



These leafdogs soothe my soul


Lee Howel lPhotography, 
Beauté Aviaire
A series of conceptual fine art prints, exploring the connection between the aesthetic beauty that visually lies in the delicate luxurious opulence of avian plumage and the sexual femininity of the female form.
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have some composure where is your pasta

Still limited to mobile internet access (which is sketchy). Of course, with no internet or cable I’ve made a dent in my to-read list and written more for Seaspawn, AvS, and the GQAU.

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This fic continuously challenges me to ruin everything.

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And now Lili is being a massive awkward sap. It’s like all of Alistair’s awkward went to her and his snark went to Dare.

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Wreeeeeeeeeex. Sorry for offending you. Ish. As long as we get past this to sibling status.

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Gave up, playing Mass Effect while listening to Bring It On. …For reasons. But hey, dropped the difficulty like the fail I am and got out alive!

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I don’t suppose someone can go find that map with travel times across Fereldan for me and tell me the time it estimates from Lothering to Redcliffe?

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Someone make my Earthborn EngiShep quit with the general terrible behavior.

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I could use a hug.

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Feeling better. It helps that I’m at the new place and putting stuff up.